Dating herpes lesbian

Many daters with sensitive health conditions have a tough time deciding when to disclose that information. According the the CDC, one out of every six Americans (ages 14 to 49) have genital herpes.

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You must also gather some knowledge about the medications that will help you in suppressing the infection and thereby prevent from spreading to your dating partner.

While dating with your lesbian or gay partner, it will certainly be wise for you take utmost level of precaution to ensure that you enjoy the special moments with your dream partner in the best possible way.

And if the meds and condoms aren't preferable, a 96% chance ain't too shabby either.

For ladies being told that their man has genital herpes, all the same info applies, except the transmission rates are about double.

You may be shocked to know that more people do than don't.

Around a quarter of the population has HSV2, and well over half have HSV1.Not something worth worrying about in a relationship.You may also want to ask your partner if she or he has had a type specific diagnosis.Either can be genital, or transmitted to others as such. Well, good news - it's probably not nearly the unpleasant or scary scenario you're thinking of.Most have absolutely no idea they have it, because HSV is usually mild or asymptomatic - and it is NOT included in "complete" STD testing. Let's say the scenario is a woman telling you she has it: A quarter of all women you sleep with are carriers of HSV-2, whether they share that with you or not.I hope this posting helps someone out there who is looking for answers.

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