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But because not all horses need hoof protection, and because shoes have some negative consequences, in recent years people have started using hoof boots, a modern version of the old hipposandal, to protect hooves in situations where they would wear unacceptably.Werkman Horseshoes continuously identifies and analyzes new developments in hoof care.

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Borium is sometimes added to the shoe in the form of threaded cleats that are screwed in and then removed (or replaced with non-borium cleats) as soon as possible.

Horses that are very active for long periods of time also tend to grow hoof more rapidly than horses that are used briefly and infrequently, so the active horse may be shod without borium and shortly thereafter re-shod without it.

The degree of traction provided by borium can cause strain on the anatomy within the hoof and leg particularly if the horse is small, fine boned, or has an anatomical difference that affects its way of going.

The weight and structure of the light or refined horse may be less able to endure the torque applied during the twisting phases of movement.

In cooperation with farriers and suppliers all over the world, we are passionately striving to improve the performance of horses.

As a market-oriented company, Werkman Horseshoes continuously identifies and analyzes new developments in hoof care and new preferences of the farrier.It increases traction on pavement a great deal, but thereby also prevents the natural rotation of the hoof.A horse's hoof hits the ground heel-first and leaves the ground heel first.The current assortment of Werkman Horseshoes consists of a broad range of horseshoes.They vary in dimensions, thickness, width, weight, and profile.When my tiny ponies needed to work on pavement for long hours but infrequently, borium was not an option due to the delicate structure of the hoof and leg.

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