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Thousands of singles join online dating sites every day. View photos and profiles of fun, like-minded singles. With seemingly endless options, the list below can help you find a dating site that fits your lifestyle. From the northern island of Hokkaido and its great outdoors to the spiritual centers of Koyasan and Ise to the art and hot spring rich areas on the Island of Kyushu to remote and untouched islands in Japan, let Japan Quest Journeys offer you the chance to explore Japan’s mysteries and delights undisturbed and in-depth, unlocking thousand year-old secrets one by one.

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Karatsu-made vessels are some of the finest in Japan.

In Karatsu, visit with several well-known potters at their studios.

While in Yakushima, you will spend two nights at a wonderful hotel and spa.

For more challenging trekking, this journey can be extended for an additional day.

Your journey begins in Yufuin, a resort town boasting some of the best onsen or hot springs in Japan.

Yufuin is located on a flat river basin surrounded by mountains.The most prominent feature of Yufuin's skyline is the twin peaked Mount Yufu, which hovers over the town and serves as the backdrop for many scenic views.The area is rural and travelers will come across the rice paddies and farmhouses that make up a considerable part of the town shortly after leaving the main walking route.Enjoy some light trekking and the extraordinary scenery and remoteness of the island known as 'The Alps of the Sea'.It is a mountainous subtropical island, part of Kirishima-Yaku National Park, famous for virgin forests of Yaku sugi or cryptomeria that few get to see.This Japan tour itinerary explores the island of Kyushu where there are some of the absolute best ryokans and onsens in Japan.

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