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Meanwhile ama Mbo and the other groups moved along the coast towards the Bombo, Swazini, Ngwavuma, etc.

Mbatha summarizes Ntu’s lineage as follows: Ntu ïƒ Lufenulwenjaïƒ Mnguniïƒ Gumedeïƒ Qwabeïƒ Mnguniïƒ Luzimaneïƒ Malandelaïƒ Qwabe and Zulu.

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The plural noun ‘abantu’ is a result of Ntu’s name being used in plural form to categorise his descendants.

Ntu was a descendant of Yeye of Godongwana, descendant of Hhamu of Ishmael otherwise known as Abraham who had fathered him to his slave Hagayi.

They married, mated and the first human population was born in the Kalahari.

The Tree of Life grew leaves and fruit that dropped seeds onto the earth which sprouted into forestry.

Its original use was to carry and store harvested vegetation on the homestead.

It was therefore crafted and placed in a place higher than the rest of the homesteads.Ntu and his offspring then spread towards the centre of Africa, towards countries like the Democratic Republic of Congo, Cameroon and others.By this time they were already led by Mnguni the descendant of Gumede, who was a descendant of Qwabe who also descended from Lufenulwenja of Ntu.The ama Ntungwa Nguni were led by Luzimane of Mnguni when they came from these central African countries.They now inhabit areas like Babanango, Nkandla, Msinga, etc.Through further movement they then separated into ama Nguni and abe Suthu. ama Nguni, ama Mbo, ama Ntungwa Nguni, ama Lala Nguni, ama Debe Nguni and ama Thonga.

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