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You can now expect a more natural look with predictable results and save time, even when fabricating esthetic anterior restoration with monolithic zirconia materials.times more than the conventional zirconia products.Sintering is only recommended for crowns, veneers, and inlays/onlays with Sintering program 2.

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You can find the date on Noritake china by looking at the marks, which are associated with different periods of time.

If you have a good reference book or list of the marks and the dates, this takes only a few minutes.

Do not take the restorations out of the sintering furnace during high temperature, as the quenching causes the breaking.

However, if an elevating type furnace is used under the sintering program 2, the restorations may be removed from the furnace at 800℃ (1472°F) or less.

Select the right series for your application using the following table : The number of check marks (★) indicates the degree to which the material is recommended for tne listed application. *1 KATANA™ Zirconia HT/ML is a high strength zirconia.

*2 See “Selection of shades” and “Range of applicable abutment colors”.

Using this series, you can easily obtain the desired shades to accommodate the variety found in prepared tooth conditions of clinical cases.

KATANA™ Zirconia UTML/STML series have different levels of translucency and mechanical properties according to their application.

STML has a well-balanced combination of translucency and mechanical properties.

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