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Or even shorter: student by day, evil monster fighter by night.So you can decide to play as MC who is the PS2 original and goes by the manga-official name of Arisato Minato or as the psp exclusive nameless girl known in fandom as Fe MC/Mshe/Minako/Hamuko.

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Its quite difficult to juggle everything though so you might need a guide or do what I do where I spent one day per month (in game not irl) just grinding away in tartarus to level up and stuff and spent the rest of the month socializing whatever.

Fi Na Y well my first impression of him wasn't with the triangel pictures. haha Ichigo heaven yea i too believe that it's weird if a guy shaves his legs.. can anyone tell me if it's hero or micky who passed the high school exam?

I much prefer to shoot the Shadows with it if you ask me. Here, you see a monster, you chase after it; if you're powerful, it runs from you, but if your level is pitiful, it uhm chases after you :\ Also, battles and school life is kept separate so you can just pick a night to grind to your heart's content and spend the rest of your days flirting haha. To the fangirling part~♪ Lots of artwork because there is nothing much to screenshot in game. Links allows you to romance the characters based on the answers you choose.

The best thing about the battle system is no random encounters!!! Romanceable characters have special cutscenes at the end of the game if you did it right. That was my initial thought too and couldn't for the life of me understand why the heck everyone was raving about him finally being dateable.

As much as I love final fantasy, all the girls left much to be desired. Needs to shut up more imo and stop being such a bitch to guys and then whining about why she is not as likable as Mitsuru coz no one would ever like her ok if she keeps dissing all guys who compliments her. To wrap everything up, P3P is a highly enjoyable game to play where you can start a New Game after beating the 1st to either play as the other gender or replay it to get all the S.

Link you previously missed with your levels, personas and items intact.

Those with the potential are recruited into a group called SEES who seek to eliminate the Dark Hour.

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