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(The Frisky) -- Finding a boyfriend is only the beginning when it comes to relationship woes.

Once you're in one, you have to deal with another person, including the parts that annoy you despite your love for him.

" -- Jody Morse, East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania "My husband never picks up after himself.

I've spent years trying to teach him the joys of using a trash can, drawer, closet or cabinet. So I started trading off things that I hate to do with him, like taking out the trash, running to the store, etc., in exchange for picking up after him.

Getting into a rut, habit, routine, whatever, will slowly kill the relationship.

It becomes boring and repetitive and the freer spirited in the relationship will be drawn to infidelity and the more grounded will become introverted and depressed.

I have noticed this is more prevalent in younger, more inexperienced couples.

A little spontaneity is required to keep things fresh.

At this point, I think he might be doing it on purpose." --Linda St.

Cyr, Blakeslee, Pennsylvania "My pet peeve is finding my washer full of paper towels.

This habit is over for now." -- Cathy Montville; Baldwinville, Massachusetts "He loves to leave empty and unrinsed soda cans in the sink, even when the sink is empty and has just been cleaned. The Frisky: 22 things we'll teach our sons about women Minor annoyances are nothing in comparison to keeping the peace in a household.

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