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This storyline spawns several more season-long storylines; while Victoria babysits Wilbur and takes him to a baby audition, she manages to land a leading part in a movie directed by Woody Allen.After having somehow misplaced the baby on the way back, the girls go back to the movie studio retrieve him.

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Although Owen seemingly decides to put him up for adoption as he doesn't know how to raise him, it's a decision neither he nor the girls are happy with, and Elka's new boyfriend Pierre calls them out on it.

Joy then offers to help Owen raise his son if he relocates permanently to Cleveland, which he agrees to.

She told us it was getting smaller; at another scan it probably wouldn’t be there at all.

It felt very strange: one twin was growing, the other not. Joe Aquilina, consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist at St Bartholomew’s and the Royal London Hospital, says that VTS has always occurred – we are simply more aware of it now, thanks to the development of ultrasound in the Eighties.

He agrees with Aquilina that the risk of complications for the remaining pregnancy depend on the stage at which the twin dies, but adds: “It is also important to know if it is from a single egg that has split, or two separate eggs.

If it is two separate eggs, then any abnormality or problem with the dead twin will probably not affect the other.

I do occasionally wonder whether Adriana “misses” her twin at some subconscious level.

Will I ever tell her that she began life as a twin?

It made me wonder: scans may have enormous benefits, but do they also have a downside? An early VTS may be due to a chromosomal abnormality, or it may be due to one twin taking more of the mother’s blood, where there is a shared placenta.

A later VTS may be associated with brain defects such as cerebral palsy.

“But in very early pregnancy, a scan showing this can sometimes be raising a worry that doesn’t need to be there.” I might have spent my own pregnancy worrying, but I had a happy ending – a bouncing, healthy baby girl.

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