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However, they actually offer a few other things as well. These are Amazon affiliate websites where the initial keyword research has been done, the site has been built, and the content written.

Remember, these are brand new websites, so they aren't ranking in Google or getting any traffic yet, but a ton of the upfront work has been done for you.

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Dating turnkey website

In addition, these sites are built with traffic generation in mind.

In other words, they are built so that they can rank in Google and hopefully start helping you sell more of your products.

But if you are someone that would like to just skip all this work so you can focus on the next steps for the site, this could be a great option.

The second type of person that might consider a Brand Builders site is someone that wants to quickly grow a portfolio of sites they can work on.

I know of at least one buyer where this is what they do.

They have a couple of sites in one particular niche and when they see a pre-built site come up for sale in that same niche they scoop it up.

Turnkey Consulting has a blue chip client base ranging from small organizations to large global multi-nationals.

We work across a diverse range of industries, including Oil & Gas, CPG, Utilities, Pharmaceuticals, Transport, and the Public Sector Businesses running SAP ERP systems hold a wide range of personal information and must, therefore, take steps to ensure their SAP environment remains fully secure.

If you want to see a batch of pre-made affiliate sites available for sale right now, go here. If you go to this page here, you can see exactly the types of sites that Brand Builders is offering.

The main option that I usually mention are the Pre-made affiliate websites.

Tasks that are required to get the first 10 or 15 articles up on your site (the point where a Brand Builders site is when you buy it): These are all the things that a pre-made site will already have completed.

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