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If you’re a man who is interested in dating older women, you’re not alone.Plenty of men like me are into older women as these ladies tend to be more confident, more independent and have more to offer a partner.

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Lots of guys are attracted to alpha females who have their life together.

These women are more sure of what they want, less flaky, more financially stable, and are often into younger men.

In most cities, there’s plenty of choice when it comes to nicer, more upscale bars, and many of these are located in upscale hotels.

Older women go to hotel bars for the sophisticated atmosphere and because they know the clientele aren’t generally as rowdy in a hotel establishment.

Plus, single people go food shopping alone all the time, and this gives them the perfect chance to flirt and chat with other shoppers.

Younger women tend to go to bars to flirt and guys of all ages interested in younger women go there too.

If you match with an older women, that means you’re in her desired age range – so you already know she’s open to dating younger and it’ll therefore be less awkward to hit on her.

You’ll get access to more older women and actually know if they’re looking for younger men.

Here’s a list of some of the best dating sites out there to meet older women looking for younger guys.

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