Dating yoga class

Once in class, Nemeth orders everyone into a large rectangle, arranged boy-girl.I drop my mat and run to the bathroom, returning to find myself situated between two rather short men.I am airborne, held aloft about 4 feet from the ground by a very strong and handsome man whose hands are in mine and whose feet are pressed against my pelvis. This is singles yoga, where about 40 men and women get really sweaty and intimate on a Friday night at the Jonny Kest Center for Yoga, a popular studio in Birmingham, MI.

Still, I approach this class with some trepidation.

For one thing, I've never participated in a singles event, and doing so makes me feel like I've got "Lookin' for Love" emblazoned on my chest.

There's a lot of lingering and happy chatting as we leave the studio. Emotionally, I'm not yet ready for a full-on flirtation, the kind that might actually lead somewhere. Alexa Stanard is a freelance writer based in Oak Park, MI.

And some of the men were appealing enough that I could lose my better judgment after a couple of beers.

The pose is simple but intimate, and requires us to focus intensely on each other to stay balanced.

I try to maintain a friendly expression, but my partner avoids eye contact, his features scrunched into a look of grim determination.

By now, I'm completely relaxed and enjoying each new interaction.

Despite the potential for major awkwardness, Nemeth keeps the atmosphere easy and comfortable, making jokes to cut the tension as she introduces the most potentially erotic poses.

Nemeth discourages talking, so some quietly introduce themselves while others just smile silently.

Shortly after the first uncomfortable encounter, I drape myself in a backbend over a man in downward-facing dog, which feels luxurious.

We begin with a brisk, solo practice of A and B sun salutations to get the blood pumping.

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