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In the second season premiere, Becky is put to the test.

Oh, dragon fire is common enough, but who in their right mind had ever heard of frostfire?

Bubble was a variation of the watery element that typically only those dragons of a nautical breed might posses, of which Cole was not (she hasn't even got webbed paws! And as if all this wasn't already bizzare enough, she would eventually reveal herself to be a talented manipulator of Time itself.

It was announced on July 10, 2014, that Welcome to Myrtle Manor had been renewed for a third season that will consist of 10 episodes.

Filming will begin on August 11, 2014, and continue through January 2015.

In this artist's headcanon, they ARE in love, but to the ACTUAL CANON to the Spyro Universe, they're not.

The series' production company, The Weinstein Company, announced that the series would be renamed Trailer Park: Welcome To Myrtle Manor beginning with the second season in order to leave the option open for spin-off series set in other trailer parks across the United States.

A local radio station announces the best trailer park in Myrtle Beach, with Myrtle Manor hoping to take the lead. The community is confused when the silver bullet trailer is missing.

Tensions rise between Myrtle Manor and a rival park. Bandit and Marvin make a surprise appearance at Chelsey and Jared's honeymoon.

The series includes drinking, relationship drama and the struggle as Cecil hands over the park to his youngest daughter, Becky.

Some of the cast members have lived in the park for years, others had just arrived.

It's time for Myrtle Manor's "Chicken Bog" cook-off but things take a turn for the worse when someone wreaks havoc.

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