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The game covers social issues such as HIV, drug and alcohol abuse and teenage pregnancy." She said it was through her own experiences and interaction with friends and family that she decided to come up with a game."Many of the stories on my cards are based on real life.The board game reinforces book learning," Massyn said."It's a fun, interactive board game to play at home and school with family or friends.

The game can also see a person forfeit their phone for five minutes if couples reach the final stage and select a ‘daredevil’ activity.

Patrons can expect anything to happen, like having to select a drink for their date.

"Players have fun while developing their life skills through the game," Massyn said.

"Viva Dating Game brings the outside real world into the classroom and home.

Series Ten of The Apprentice (UK), a British reality television series, was broadcast in the UK during 2014 from 14 October to 21 December on BBC One; as both the FIFA World Cup and the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow were taking place in Summer that year, the BBC chose to postpone the series' broadcast until the middle of Autumn to avoid clashing with live coverage of both sporting events.

It is the last series to feature Nick Hewer as Lord Sugar's aide, after he officially announced his decision to depart that year, with Series 8 winner, Ricky Martin, making an appearance as one of the interviewers for the Interviews stage of this series.To mark the tenth year of the programme, twenty candidates took part, naming their teams Summit and Tenacity (the latter initially Decadence), with Mark Wright winning the series.The series opened with two episodes aired on consecutive dates before following the show's usual scheduling, with the final episode aired a few days after the Interviews episode to avoid clashing with the BBC's Christmas schedule.A Kwa Zulu-Natal woman has created a dating board game for teenagers.Janice Massyn, a nurse from Pietermaritzburg, created Viva Dating Game, using the snakes and ladders concept with players racing to the finish.The production staff later acknowledged that they had been aware of this fact, but had seen no issues for its use in this series of The Apprentice, for two reasons:- firstly, there was no British trademark of that name in use, at the time of filming; and secondly, the candidates couldn't have known of the existence of the brand, due to the show's rules prohibiting them from accessing the internet while taking part in the show.

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