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Helen Thermopolis(mother)Phillipe Renaldo(father)Clarisse Renaldo(paternal grandmother)(paternal grandfather, deceased)Frank Gianini(stepfather, deceased)Shirley "Mamaw" Thermopolis(maternal grandmother)"Papaw" Thermopolis(maternal grandfather)Marie Thermopolis(maternal aunt)Pierre Renaldi(paternal uncle; abdicated royal status)Rocky Thermopolis(maternal half-brother)Olivia Grace Clarisse Mignonette Harrison(paternal half-sister)Hank Thermopolis(cousin)Mr. Gianini(step-grandmother)Prince Frank(son)Princess Elizabeth (daughter)Michael Moscovitz(husband)Lily Moscovitz(sister-in-law)Ruth Moscovitz(mother-in-law)Morty Moscovitz(father-in-law)Prince Rene of Italy (distant cousin)Sebastiano Grimaldi (second cousin) Mia was born out of wedlock to Helen Thermopolis, a painter, and Phillipe Renaldi, a prince.Because she was born out of wedlock and her father was in his early 20s, he decided that Mia would not inherit the throne an as such did not need to know that she was a Princess. She specifically grew up in Greenwich, in an apartment with her mom and Fat Louie, She got Fat Louie (Just Louie when she got him) her orange cat, on her 9th birthday.Though reluctant at first, believing Micheal was doing it for the wrong reasons, Mia happily accepts.

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She spent summers and winter breaks in France with her Grandmother, Grandmere, and her Father Phillipe.

Mia is informed of her princess status near the beginning of the first book.

In the Books, Mia's title is revealed to the press by Grandmere.

In the books, Grandmere does this simply to get Mia acquainted with the press.

They date on and off through high school and date for seven years afterward.

On Mia's 26th birthday, now multi-millionaire Micheal takes he on a surprise trip to the Exumas, where he pops the question.

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