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But they are happy to sell you their book or other products.On the public Elvis forums, one often runs across their supporters.

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In an engaging interview Thursday on "CBS This Morning," Rita Moreno promoted the new "One Day at Time," recalled old love Marlon Brando and serenaded Charlie Rose on his birthday.

If you wonder why so many people are flocking to "CBS This Morning," look at this charming segment.

Elvis fans are really tired of people expecting money because they might have known Elvis.

I think too, we need to be tired of the people who worked or played around him and want donations to help with current medical crisis-es or those who would seek for “gocrowdfund” their business start up instead of doing proper investment offerings.

Ms Tifkin also advised that Alice is well aware of her biological father.

Despite this, many people have offered the shelter of their homes and much money to Eliza who is also in deep with the remains of the Elvis Aliver – Dr Hinton, the fake Jesse – so not only is she Elvis’ half sister, he’s alive and totally approves she says.At his dad's Bel Air estate, on 5/16/1990, he shot and killed Dag Drollet of Tahiti, his sister's lover.They were having an argument over whether Drollet was beating his pregnant sister, Tarita Cheyenne Brando, age 20.There is simply no logic to the claim at all, but this hasn’t stopped the claimant from showing up at Graceland from time to time and attempting nuisances lawsuits. Alice Tifkin dyed her hair black and changed her name to Eliza Presley; first claiming to be an Elvis love child, then switching her story to being his half-sister by Vernon Presley.Her most ridiculous claim was having had the RCMP conduct a skull assessment of the agreed upon Lisa Marie child photos and herself – and the RCMP does not hire out as a private labratory and there is no criminal proceeding in Canada. Ms Tifkin’s mother had been a Memphis gal and had actually been to Graceland, she was in her early 20s and has denied ever having sex with either Elvis, in his 40s, or Vernon, in his 60s at the time.A Swedish woman named Lisa Johansen (after a name change and possibility facial surgery) has been claiming for over a decade that she is Lisa Marie Presley while for some unclear reason, Priscilla has knowingly raised an impostor.

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