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The album was released on March 12, 2013, and was Banhart's debut album for Nonesuch.In June 2016, Banhart released the first track of his ninth studio album, Ape In Pink Marble, titled 'Middle Names'.On October 27, 2009, Banhart released What Will We Be, his first record on Warner/Reprise.

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You have officially been granted access to the mezzanine. I started re-reading books by the writer Richard Brautigan again, and I wanted to record in the same town where he worked.

Ever since my publicist hooked me up with this lew what gentiles like me call lame jews I have been enduring a never ending stream of this bullshit. I thought, Who makes the most ineffable, sacrosanct music?

Also, the first time we slept together , afterwards she asked me if that was how they did it in Venezuela. Ever since the star first established herself as a player with her performance in "Star Wars: So we just avoided the subject for the sake of my mental state. Tough Questions for Devendra Banhart Now-beardless freak folker drops f-bombs, disses the Star Wars prequels, prays for alien contact. By the time she was going down on me in the bathroom closest to the Cy Twombly mural she felt we were closer than ever.

So in the beginning, I state my woes to the goddess, and in the next part, we state her name and ask her for something.

His given name is a synonym for Indra, the king of Gods (Hindu), which was suggested by Prem Rawat, an Indian religious leader whom Banhart's parents followed.

Banhart cites Axl Rose, Kurt Cobain, Mick Jagger, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, and Ali Farka Toure as his inspirations to begin singing.

The film Life During Wartime, directed by Todd Solondz, features a musical collaboration between Banhart and Beck. Banhart sings lead vocals while Beck adds backing vocals and also recorded the track.

The lyrics were written by Solondz and the music by composer Marc Shaiman.

Banhart released his debut album in 2002, continuing to record his material on the Young God and XL labels, as well as other work on compilations and collaborations.

Banhart was born May 30, 1981 in Houston, Texas, to a Venezuelan mother, María Eugenia Rísquez and an American father, Robert Gary Banhart.

The couple laughed and smiled throughout their time together, holding each other's hands and making out during dinner.

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