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Lastly, the x Stack Series supports Network Access Protection (NAP).

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Overview The latest generation of D-Link® x Stack® Switches supports IPv6 routing and has more advanced features than ever to address today’s security, Qo S, and management concerns.

The x Stack DGS-3620 Series includes five Gigabit managed switches with a choice of 24 or 48 port 10/100/1000Base-T models, 24 SFP port model, and Po E model options.

Other standard management features also supported include RMON and IEEE 802.1D Spanning Tree.

User interfaces include an intuitive Web-based GUI or standard CLI, either of which can be protected through SSL or SSH encryption.

It supports MAC-based Access Control, which authenticates the user based on the MAC address of the client so that authentication is transparent to the client.

It also supports Web-based Access Control, which prompts for username and password before allowing access to TCP traffic.

D-Link provides these features on a scalable platform, increasing your company’s productivity while protecting your investment.

IPv6 and IPv4 Routing The x Stack DGS-3620 Series provides current IPv4 networks with a simple migration path to IPv6 and protects your investment for future network upgrades when greater security and larger addressing are required.

Under stacking mode, the switches are hot-swappable.

This means that in a stack configuration, any of the switches can be replaced or removed without affecting the network.

Voice and Video Applications For today’s businesses, having voice, data, and video on the same network is common practice.

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