Documentbuilder validating

SAX processes the input document element by element and can report events and significant data to callback methods in the application.

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Only some of the Oracle-specific features are available through the extension mechanism provided in JAXP.

If an application uses these extensions, however, then the flexibility of switching implementation is lost.

You can configure the DOM with different access patterns such as read-only, streaming, transient update, and shadow copy, achieving maximum memory use and performance in your applications.

Unlike DOM, SAX is event-based, so it does not build in-memory tree representations of input documents.

You can access the JAXP specification, which is produced by Sun Microsystems, at the following URL: DOM Stream access to XML nodes is done by PL/SQL and Java APIs.

Nodes in an XML document can now exceed 64 KBytes by a large amount.

The main disadvantage of JAXP is that it runs more slowly than vendor-specific APIs.

In addition, several features are available through Oracle-specific APIs that are not available through JAXP APIs.

The XML parser for Java can parse unqualified element types and attribute names as well as those in namespaces.

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