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Although, this does not mean that a book with high price will not be able to generate huge sales.

If for example, your book is a bestseller, then you can even sell thousands of copies despite the price.

Now imagine if you sell your photo book for which is the minimum price, and you successful sell up to 1000 copies, that will amount to 00. NOTE: You can create as many photo books as possible. If your price tag is , it means that if you sell 200 copies you’ll make 00, right? But if the price tag is that means you need up to 2000 sales in order to be able to generate 00.

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Remember, just like other online money making platforms, this is not a get rich quick platform.

Although, you could become rich overnight with this business, if properly done, but that does not mean it is a get rich quick scheme.

Let me also draw this to your attention, these websites have certain requirements that your photo must meet before it can be approved.

Like I said earlier, your photos could be anything: animals, humans, buildings, flowers, objects, etc.

So, it’s either you upload it on shutterstock or istockphoto, or you add it to your Amazon photo book. To find your book on Amazon, search for it using which ever ISBN you used when setting up your book.

Spell Force 3 – The perfect blend between RTS and RPG! The rebellion of the renegade mages, known as the Mage Wars, has been quashed by the Crown.When you get to shutterstock, keep scrolling down until you see Remember, you’re not uploading your pictures just for fun, you are there to make money.Although, some people upload their pictures there with the motive of getting famous, or noticed.Now that you’ve learnt about the few rules you have to abide to in this platform, let’s talk about where you can upload your pictures and start making money. I am going discuss about Shutterstock, istockphoto, and the like, before jumping over to Amazon. Shutterstock is a website which allows people to download photos for a certain amount of money.If you’re a contributor, you will get paid every time any of your pictures are downloaded.When creating a photo book, you can add pictures of anything or person, as long as they were taken by you. For example, you can create a photo book of the towns in which you live.

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