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This section covers the mental aspects of approaching women, the role that your body language plays in how girls will perceive you as well as how it influences your own thoughts and emotions, and lastly what to actually say to women.

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It's written using plain, everyday language and doesn't contain any of the industry-specific jargon that you see in a lot of dating and pickup products.

So if you're new to learning about dating skills then this is a good book bring you up to speed that's easy to wrap your head around.

As you gain experience and become more advanced, then the model is somewhat limited and inhibitive.

Most of the focus of the book is on the first two steps, starting an interaction and sparking attraction.

The main themes revolve around how to banter and be playful with women, how to play your masculine role and how to convey higher status.

If you're fairly new to learning about dating skills and want something that focuses on the core principles that lead to success, this is a solid product.So you can use it when you first meet a woman, when you're on the phone, when you're on a date etc.So those steps are: This isn't anything really original, and in fact most dating formulas use some kind of modification of this basic idea of meet, attract, connect, close.Most of the examples revolve around approaching women in a bar, but there's also suggestions for a bookshop and supermarket.The ideas for these last two are fairly average and I would've liked to have seen stronger examples here.For instance, there's advice on how to keep a journal of your progress that will help you get results faster.

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