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The following course is required of all students to familiarize them with the campus computing environment: A free elective is any Carnegie Mellon course.

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memory consolidation or updating consolidation - Efficiently updating constrained delaunay triangulations

A sequence of courses proscribed by the requirements of the particular department.

Completion of an additional major (or dual degree) also satisfies this requirement.

Consult with a CS undergraduate advisor about any course to be used for the Science and Engineering requirement before registration.

All candidates for the bachelor's degree in Computer Science must complete a minimum of 63 units offered by the College of Humanities & Social Sciences and/or the College of Fine Arts.

As computing is a discipline with strong links to many fields, this provides students with unparalleled flexibility to pursue allied (or non-allied) interests.

Students apply to, and are directly admitted into, the School of Computer Science.

Additionally, graduate CS courses can be taken with permission of the instructor and in consultation with an academic advisor.

The goal of the Undergraduate Research Thesis Program is to introduce students to the breadth of tasks involved in independent research, including library work, problem formulation, experimentation, analysis, writing and speaking.

These electives can be from any SCS department; 200-level or above, at least 9 units each (see exceptions below): Computer Science [15-], Computational Biology Department [02-], Human Computer Interaction Institute [05-], Institute for Software Research [08-,17-], Machine Learning [10-], Language Technologies Institute [11-], and Robotics Institute [16-].

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