who is soleil moon frye dating - Eric dating snowboarding

Fun Fact about Shan: She is well on her way to becoming a counselor and living her dream!Soph and I met while working together at the Redeemer cafeteria.

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No drama and always smiling she is for sure a keeper (hint hint, nudge nudge Shawn Brus).

Fun Fact about Soph: She is a very creative writer and always loses at cribbage. For the first month I worked hard to get her to talk to me because I thought she was cool.

Jades is mainly on the squad to bring a little bit of much needed diversity to the wedding party.

He is one of the original Moorland Men and someone I know I can always count on for a solid deep convo.

As my older sister we have had our share of arguments, but I will always love her and I'm proud for her to stand up with me as my Maid of Honour and best friend.

Fun Fact about Anne: She loves cats way more than any human being should... :)Rachel has been a long time friend of mine since grade-school.

Travis and Mary met in September of 2012 when they both attended Redeemer University in Hamilton.

They became friends while both playing on the volleyball team, and sharing many mutual friends.

I am so thankful we were forced to live together in first year even though we originally despised each other.

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