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There are several ways to validate data before it is saved into your database, including native database constraints, client-side validations, controller-level validations, and model-level validations.

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Settings are defined by the value is used to populate the parameter form field when the admin installs or updates the app.

However, it will not take effect for existing parameters where a value has already been set.

This guide teaches you how to hook into the lifecycle of your Active Record objects.

You will learn how to validate the state of objects before they go into the database, and how to perform custom operations at certain points in the object lifecycle.

If you want the app to appear in multiple locations in the product, add the locations to the product object: For available location properties, see the manifest location reference.

The URL paths can be absolute if pointing to an external page, or relative if pointing to a html file in the assets folder.

Setting type controls on the page are rendered in the same order as the settings in the manifest file. To translate parameters and add help text, add a When testing your app locally, you might need to specify some installation settings.

Because you haven't installed the app yet, the settings don't exist yet.

While you can use any custom CSS or front-end framework for the look and feel of your app, Zendesk recommends using Zendesk Garden.

Zendesk Garden is designed to be a common baseline of styles and components between all Zendesk products. For more information about the CSS classes and React components in Zendesk Garden, see garden.or the demo app. For example, you can host the rest of the app on a remote app server, including the HTML files to be iframed into the Zendesk product.

property when you don't want users to see sensitive information in the parameters when making HTTP requests.

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