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This article provides some tips on configuring the projects and describes a few ways that you can investigate configuration problems.

By default, files opened in this mode will not display any error squiggles but will still provide Intelli Sense; so if you don’t see any error squiggles under incorrect code, or if some expected preprocessor macros are not defined, check whether a file is opened in Single-File mode.

To do so, look at the Project node in the Navigation Bar: the project name will be Miscellaneous Files: Open Folder is a new command in Visual Studio 2017 that allows you to open a collection of source files that doesn’t contain any Project or Solution files recognized by Visual Studio.

In the unlikely event there is no Intelli Sense at all, please feel free to let me know personally at jking-at-microsoft-dot-com. Jeff King Program Manager Visual Studio Web Tools .

Whether you are creating a new (or modifying an existing) C project using a Wizard, or importing an project into Visual Studio from another IDE, it’s important to configure the project correctly for the Intelli Sense and Browsing features to provide accurate information.

To check whether Intelli Sense compiler is using correct compiler options, including Include Paths and Preprocessor macros, turn on Diagnostic Logging of Intelli Sense command lines in Tools [Intelli Sense] Configuration Name: Debug|Win32 [Intelli Sense] Toolset Intelli Sense Identifier: [Intelli Sense] command line options: /c /I.

/IC:\Repo\Includes /DWIN32 /DDEBUG /D_DEBUG /Zc:wchar_t- /Zc:for Scope /Yustdafx.h This information may be useful in understanding why Intelli Sense is providing inaccurate information. If your project’s Include directory contains $(My Variable)\Include, and the diagnostic log shows /I\Include as an Include path, it means that $(My Variable) wasn’t evaluated, and was removed from the final include path.To check which configuration is being used, turn on Diagnostic Logging to check for Intelli Sense switches.When a solution is open, Visual Studio will provide Intelli Sense for files that are not part of the solution using the Single-File mode.In order to evaluate the command lines used by the Intelli Sense compiler, Visual Studio launches an Intelli Sense-only build of each project in the solution.MSBuild performs the same steps as the project build, but stops short of executing any of the build commands: it only collects the full command line.In Open Folder mode, different configurations may be selected using the Project Configurations toolbar.

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