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In the bottom of the pond there was a Brown/tan colored slime. The common white quality of my beloved Oozeling prevented it from being returned to me, as the world had not considered it to be of an item rarity worth keeping a track of.Found that quite odd considering everything in felwood is green hued. This is my warning to you, this is my tale, beware of the thieves who would seek to take this treasure from you.Long and short, It had a silver dragon on it's health bar. been farming for a few days now for a couple hours each day running back and forth between the two "scars" in EPL.

Disgusting Oozeling is one of the most rare and special pets in game.

The only pet that have a buff effectthat turns the user green when you bring up the pet it also emitts a slimy sound around you.

he will sit there and spam his emote until the mug disappears.

He won't even follow you any more, just sits there and spams chat for a good 3 minutes.

I love it Came out of an oozing bag looted off a living decay in Eastern Plaguelands.

I HIGHLY recommend EPL over Felwood - the spawns are MUCH easier to get around to, no swimming involved.Oozeling all over the world at higher levls have 10% chanse to drop a oozeling bag with random items in. Go to BRD and get the Ale, and then throw it at oozy and see what happens :) He emotes!!!There is a 1% chanse that this pet appears in that bag, this makes the pet have a 0.1% drop chanse from oozeling. "Disgusting Oozeling guzzles the ale" and then he burps! However, I can't take him on a guild run because of the debuff.If you go north to south in the Pestilent Scar, by the time you've gone all the way south, the northern ones start spawning in about 2 minutes.475 Rotting Sludges (green oozes) - 18 bags516 Living Decays (red oozes) - 36 bags The debuff effect can be dispelled by Cloak of Shadows (Rogue skill), but it returns immediately.Back before Burning Crusade, I farmed the recipe for Greater Nature Protection Potions as my principle source of income from an area in WPL called Weeping Caverns.The constant, bubbling sound is cool at first but becomes a real pain later.

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