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A mother of two, Jackie enjoys coffee, freelance writing, languages and discovering new ways to express herself.

This is especially true if the relationship is long-distance and you guys rely on phones for your communication.

While they don’t substitute for real conversation and actually seeing one another, sexting is an entertaining and enjoyable way to spend time together from afar.

Talk to your partner, decide on comfort levels, exercise caution and strike a balance between risk and reward.

Jackie Toops is a mother of two and enjoys writing, travel, art, languages, slow cooking and peaceful parenting.

As the honeymoon phase of your relationship draws to a close, it can be a challenge to keep things fun, fresh, and exciting.

Incorporating long-distance sexting }} games into your relationship is one idea for how to do this.

20 Questions If you and your man are forced to spend long periods of time apart, whether because you work different hours or live in a different city, this is a great way to pass the time and bond.

You can play it in a couple ways, either by taking a picture of your surroundings that disguises a lot of details or by giving hints about where you are.

She studied Interdisciplinary Humanities, Museum Studies and Nonprofit Management, and has overseen public relations for museums, galleries and universities.

She is a contributing author for Wall Street International Magazine and has discussed her articles on-air with AFN Wiesbaden.

Last year, many celebrities got unwanted exposure after nude photos in their i Cloud accounts were leaked on the Internet.

The release of private, sometimes provocative photos taken with cell phones created many an embarrassing situation, even for actors used to living in the public eye. Your son or daughter, fluent with technology but less skilled in predicting consequences, snaps a nude selfie and texts it to a dating partner.

Of course, this long-distance sexting game is easier to play if you have been to where the other one is, but even if you haven’t, it can still be fun.

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