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Through living and working closely together, you will practice more than seamanship.

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Each clubhouse employs a full-time Social Director and features resident inspired, professional staff-designed programs, clubs and special events that appeal to the diverse interests of its residents.

Valencia’s are a unique opportunity in Florida real estate Florida real estate for active adults.

Are you ready to conquer harder skills and remind your senses (or discover for the first time) what it’s like to crest a mountain peak, hear the echoes at the edge of a vast canyon or feel the rush of white water spray on your face?

Take a break from your routine, radically change your surroundings and test your tenacity.

S.; sales taxes are lower than most states and there is no state income tax.

That's like getting to keep an average of 3% to 7% more of what you earn, maybe even more!Plus Florida offers up to ,000 in homestead exemptions, which means the tax on your home is lower.Compare the benefits of living in Florida with any other state and you'll see why Florida is the best choice.The habits learned and strengthened through this sailing expedition will serve you long after you return home.Ask a Specialist Do you ever want to unplug, step away from the daily grind to take on new challenges?How about the Everglades National Park, the Kennedy Space Center or our fabulous museums and historical sites?

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