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Before Dreamwidth and AO3, Bandom lived on Live Journal, where it slowly emerged from the primordial ooze of general band RPS around 2004-2006 and gained a sense of identity.Many key canon events for Bandom occurred around 2004-2007, including The Summer of Like in 2005, linking musically distinct bands together in a complex web of personal and professional relationships that defined the scope of Bandom.

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In this context, the term is a portmanteau of bandslash and fandom, though it is understood differently in other fan communities. The term's first use is hard to pinpoint, but it first became popular in early 2007 when a new wave of fans became interested in the bands and their surrounding fandom.

The bands that make up Bandom are all interlinking, usually having developed a relationship through touring together, being on the same record label (specifically Fueled by Ramen/Decaydance), or having band members who were previously in other band together.

Initially there was, but when bandom grew so quickly almost overnight, a lot of the early fic writers stepped back/away for various reasons.

So there was a massive influx of people into a fandom that isn't just splintered by pairings, the way others are, but by bands. In the beginning, when it was a (relatively) small group of people in the fandom, there were set rules and standards that were similar to other online fandoms.

In a 2008 discussion about fanfic writing styles, kalpurna contrasted Bandom with Due South fandom (which started in 1994): Bandom has no history, and the teenagers for whom this is their first fandom vastly outnumber the people who even know what a mailing list was.

Not to mention the live canon and the RPS thing and the four hundred meta issues that I've never seen mentioned in any fandom before.

Other fans contested the idea that more BNFs would have resulted in less wank, but one thing these meta discussions show is that Bandom was thought of as a single coherent fandom, which was not true before damnyouwentz.

(If anything, thinking of itself as one fandom may have been a major source of Bandom's problems.

The name of the fandom also evolved from Bandslash to Bandom, though as it transpired, this name caused confusion with fans of other rock bands in 2007.

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