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There’s a good chance you used the Start and Finish columns to enter the dates for the tasks.Granted, those dates are editable, but they should not be edited by hand. If you have a schedule like this, none of the tasks are linked.

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As such, Erik assists enterprise customers to adopt the new Project Online cloud solution for Project and Portfolio Management.

Erik has a personal blog ( and is also a writer for the Microsoft Project User Group ( By submitting a comment you grant MPUG a perpetual license to reproduce your words and name/web site in attribution.

Third-party libraries shipped with the official Gantt Project distribution are enumerated below in (almost) lexicographical order together with the links to the canonical editions of their licenses.

The actual license text for each library may be more or less significantly different from the canonical.

Our Java Script Charts as well as Java Script Stock Charts allows you to set custom formats of the dates it displays. on date-based category axis and some other places of the charts.

You can set date formats for each displayed period (hour, day, month, etc.) using a number of options: either directly on Category Axis object or through Category Axes Settings (Stock Chart only) By default date Formats are these: For example, when the chart wants to display a date for a specific day, it looks up “DD” period and takes it’s formatting setting, “MMM DD” in this case. So in order to change date formatting you just need to update the above array with whatever settings you need.

Make sure you add a note to that task, that way you will know why you added that constraint.

That’s it for now, stay tuned for my next flaw: Capacity as Activity. This article was originally published on Erik van Hurck’s website, The Project Corner. Erik van Hurck is a Senior PPM consultant for Projectum, a western European Microsoft Partner with offices in Denmark and The Netherlands.

These stubs are not intended for the runtime classpath on non-Mac platforms.

Please see the OSXAdapter sample for how to write cross-platform code that uses e AWT.

There are some other properties of the charts which can use the same date formatting technique.

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