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By the late 1920’s, the district started to take shape.

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It wasn't that he didn't care how she looked, however.

Mayer would soon be exerting dictatorial control over what she ate.

The Masonic Temple, built in 1922, is a modest example of late Romanesque revival style with gabled parapets, round arches and decorative motifs in the brickwork.

In 1935, the Milk Bottle was built as part of the Benewah Creamery Chain.

She was just 13 – a budding vaudeville singer called Frances Gumm with a sweet round face – when she auditioned for Louis B Mayer of MGM.

Her voice was so lustrous, he signed her without making her take a screen test.

Garland's first feature film – in 1936, when she was 14 – was a musical comedy about college football coaches called Pigskin Parade.

MGM let her know that they felt she looked like a "fat little pig with pigtails" on screen and she was put on her first of many diets.

By 1938, the year before The Wizard of Oz, studio managers were sending memos to one another about the star's daily intake: "Judy sneaked out between takes seven and eight this afternoon and had a malted milk"; or "Garland gained 10 pounds. In Broadway Melody of 1938, she stole the whole film with a poignant rendition of You Made Me Love You, sung to a photograph of Clark Gable.

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