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We are all infolded in and surrounded by a field of intelligent energy.

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The effects of your behaviour will reach you in the fullness of time.

Some organised religions and new age belief systems externalise God.

The fundamental axioms upon which our world view is based should never be moral relativism which is one of the four evil tenets of Satanism.

It aught to be Natural Law which is more commonly known as Universal Law.

Those who wish to rule by remote neural monitoring of others are practicing mastery over others and therefore they have no self-mastery over their own egotistical desires.

Under Natural Law they will eventually experience extremely harsh experiences.The dark occultists have a deep understanding of the natural law principles. Moral Relativeism is one of the four tenets of Satanism. We must not conduct our lives on opinions and perceptions of right and wrong. If man made laws are in harmony with Natural law, said man made laws are redundant.They erroneously believe that they can use Natural Law as a weapon against humanity. We must conduct our lives on objective right and wrong. It would be like enacting into law the fact that two plus two is equal to four.Please accept that the fundamental base upon which our legal system in Ireland and throughout the wider world is founded is wrong.Our legal system which is now erroneously based on the principle of moral relativism should be based on Natural Law.It is being kept hidden from us by the Dark Occultists.

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