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Karjakin had a miracle save in a completely lost endgame against Mamedyarov when he managed to enter a rook against rook and a bishop endgame.The Russian managed to escape unscathed after his opponent missed many winning chances.Day two of Your Next Move was all about Wesley So, as the American keeps showing excellent form and has extended his lead to two points.

Connect, take them to your favorite places and maybe next time you will visit them in their hometown or even travel together as travel partners Many people who desire to travel around the world and see breathtaking places don’t have a suitable travel companion.

And not everyone can make an announcement “travel buddy wanted” via social networks.

Round 4 Wesley So started the day off strong with a tactical sequence that won a pawn against Anish Giri.

He went on to convert the material advantage in the endgame without any trouble.

Maxime Vachier-Lagrave continued his draw streak with another peaceful result against Alexander Grischuk..

Round 5 Wesley So continued his winning streak with a victory against Grischuk after his king marched to his opponent’s queenside and collected all the pawns.

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And don’t forget that sense of humor is one of the most important things in any relationship. We believe that everyone has a soulmate and destiny makes people meet at different moments and at places which are sometimes hard to imagine! Valentine’s is not only a holiday for loving couples, this is the day when energy...

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