Gmail contact groups not updating

The Contacts Provider is an Android content provider component.

It maintains three types of data about a person, each of which corresponds to a table offered by the provider, as illustrated in figure 1: Figure 1. The three tables are commonly referred to by the names of their contract classes.

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For example, in an email row, this column contains the actual email address.

By convention, the column is reserved for storing Binary Large Object (BLOB) data such as photo thumbnails.

Neither applications nor sync adapters are allowed to add contacts, and some columns in a contact row are read-only.

Note: If you try to add a contact to the Contacts Provider with an exception.

Table 2 lists the most commonly-used type-specific column name classes: Table 2.

Type-specific column name classes The Contacts Provider combines the raw contact rows across all account types and account names to form a contact.

The provider also does this if an existing raw contact's data changes in such a way that it no longer matches the contact to which it was previously attached.

If an application or sync adapter creates a new raw contact that column.

To facilitate working with the columns for a particular type of row, the Contacts Provider also provides type-specific column name constants, defined in subclasses of table using a row that has one of the provider's pre-defined MIME types.

If you do, you may lose the data or cause the provider to malfunction.

This guide describes the following: This guide assumes that you know the basics of Android content providers.

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