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Google is quick to note that you can turn off real-time location sharing at any moment — including before the timer you originally chose runs out.

Also, an icon appears above the compass on your own screen to remind you whenever real-time sharing is active with anyone.

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Neither feels terribly far off from the old Google Latitude days.

In the last few weeks alone, Google has been adding a ton of functionality to Maps like useful parking spot reminders and the ability to share your favorite local spots with friends.

Location sharing requires that Google’s Location History feature be enabled.

Location History itself requires you to grant the Google Maps app continuous access to your location so set it to “Always” in Settings → Privacy → Location Services.

Moreover, they will receive a notification on their Lock screen.

This is how my shared location would appear on Tim Cook’s i Phone.

Tap “x” next to the person’s name to instantly stop sharing your location with them.

If someone shares their location with you, you’ll see their current location (updated in real-time) on a map on your computer and in the Google Maps app on i OS devices.

Here’s what you can do with location sharing on Google Maps: Here’s how to use the handy location-sharing feature on Google Maps.

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