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How else can one explain their seriously chilled and no-nonsense attitude to life? Prove why hikers are down-to-earth and thus underline our point that people who like walking are the best people to get "jiggy" with/date on a short-term basis/date on a long-term basis/get married to/have kids with and/or retire to the south of France with. Hikers have a far greater understanding of the world than the average Joe No-Hike because they're regularly walking about in it. Wisdom is a virtue, and hikers have got it by the bucket loads. Hikers are at peace with nature, and the world around them.

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No cost to join or fees to pay, other than to cover your own costs to attend an event should there be one.

Ranges in age from 30-60, with more than 200 people attending some of the events.

Members consist of active professionals over the age of 30.

More » Catering not just to active singles looking for love, but also folks looking for 'fitness dates' or workout buddies. Many of the top fitness dating sites use Fitness Singles' database of users, so some members may seem familiar to you upon logging in.

Want to feel it in your fingers, feel it in your toes, and finally understand the true meaning of Wet Wet Wet's 'Love Is All Around' song? Maybe you're thinking about giving up entirely on this whole business of romance? The action sports and adventure website Mpora are here to point you in the right direction, and tell you who you should be dating. When we talk about high stamina levels, we're also referring to how nice it is to be with someone who will alway have bags and bags of energy. Or, alternatively, do you want to be with someone who sits on the sofa all day in their Wotsit-stained white vest and t-shirt combination, burping out their indescribably horrible smells, and stubbornly refusing to challenge themselves because it all sounds a bit too much like "hard work." Hikers have got a great work ethic. To be with someone who plays hard, sure, but also works hard when they have to.

Hikers might not seem like the most obvious target for an arrow from Cupid but, before you slam the door in our face, hear us out. We're not just talking about stamina in the cheeky-cheeky sense of the word here. Hikers are usually up, about, and walking to the summit of big hills before you've even got out of bed in the morning and consumed your first big bowl of Coco-Pops. Your water-pipes have stopped working, the phone lines are down; your car has stopped functioning, and the nearest shop is at least 23 miles away (you live somewhere really remote). People who work hard tend to get better results and hikers, whether they're hiking up a hill or just generally doing life-stuff, are usually pretty successful.

They vary widely in costs, membership benefits, number of users and focus, but there's surely one or two that fit your needs exactly.

A Seattle-based singles organization that runs many outdoor events such as hot air balloon rides and river rafting for its members, as well as a long-standing newspaper catering to the active singles in the area.

Hikers have got stories to tell, stories to entertain you with.

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