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While some of the fossils had larger brow ridges, their facial feature measurements fall within the range of modern humans.

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Within that same area of the site were the bones of gazelles, zebra, wildebeest and the antelope-like hartebeest.

Paleoclimate data points to the area being more humid than today, while the animal bones found suggest, said Mc Pherron, “a landscape that is mainly open, with clumps of trees.” “The overall picture one gets is of a hunting encampment, as they were moving across the area in search of subsistence,” Mc Pherron added.

The Face of Us The newly described Jebel Irhoud hominins — at least three adults, one adolescent and a child the researchers believe was about 8 years old at time of death — have an intriguing mix of traits.

Their faces were essentially ours: “It’s the face of people you could cross in the street today,” says Hublin of the best preserved Jebel Irhoud partial skull.

The hope in reopening the site was to turn up some undisturbed rock layers that might help researchers establish a more conclusive age for the previously discovered fossils.

But Jebel Irhoud was not finished sharing its secrets.

setting up shop in Morocco 100,000 years before the next-oldest member of our species (from what’s now Ethiopia) may excite our advanced cerebellums a little too much.

So curb your imagination: Today’s studies update the conventional timeline for human evolution but they do not establish a new homeland for our species.

When they met, @willyoung confessed to @mrchrissweeney that he had stolen most of the ideas from one of Chris’s films for his website. Congratulations Homo Sapiens by @willyoung & @mrchrissweeney , you have been shortlisted for our Diversity in Media Radio Popcast of the Year Award 2018. Fab work and can’t wait to integrate it when I’m a #Teacher !! Why not slob out with tea and shortbread* and a read of my audio review column?

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