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As I mentioned before as well, my marriage is doing better than ever.

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Never say that nothing good can come out of having an affair, but it most definitely can! I tried to focus more on the humorous side of affair dating while trying to also do it, which can be tricky, but it worked like a charm! Anyway, I put some terrible jokes in my profile, added some pictures that I thought showcased a bit of my personality, and upgraded to the premium membership.

I wanted full access to everything that the site had to offer, so I decided going in that I would do this.

We have good times together again and she’s noticed that I’m much happier that I had been a few months prior to joining the site.

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Many Java applications have to process input date values, so I thought it will be beneficial to this blog readers to show how regular expression can be used to validate date in Java.

First I’ll show you how to validate date using java regex in US format and later I’ll show you how that same logic can be applied to validate date in English format (used in most countries outside North America).

So the date 17/08/2009 is valid but 08/17/2009 will not pass this validation.

The logic is same but the elements are re-arranged.

Just select one — or many — and navigate there, quickly and easily.

You also have the ability to add custom POIs to your nüvi 2567LM.

My earlier post on how to validate email address, SSN and phone number validation using Java regex still attracts a lot of visitors.

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