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Now, he once again finds himself in the position of filling some rather large shoes—this time at Michael Voltaggio’s Ink, where star bartender Gabriella Mlynarczyk (who has since left for Cadet as well as some cocktail consulting gigs at Freddy Smalls and Birch) made a name for herself doing innovative things with boozy pixie dust, beer foam, and rapid barrel-aged spirits.

After some time at Library Bar and a couple of cocktail consulting gigs for Rare by Drai’s and Rustic Canyon, Hewes landed at Ink late last year, giving him access not only to a playground of cutting-edge kitchen equipment, but also to Voltaggio as both muse and teacher.

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The thinking is it’s going to be a really rich cocktail, but it’s actually a lot more refreshing in that sense.

Definitely the chocolate dessert and the apple goes fantastic with it, echoing the chocolate notes in the cocktail.

Plus, you have those digestive elements going on.” Cocktail: Daiquiri Pairs with: Mountain yam dessert“That’s one of my favorite little combinations right there because the toasted coconut goes with that, and it’s a classic, simple daiquiri. I think it’s a very well-balanced daiquiri.” Cocktail: Vodka, sencha tea, mint, Carpano Bianco, Salers aperitif, lime, cucumber Pairs with: Salads and branzino.“You get this cool but astringent mouth-feel because of the green tea.

It would go well with any of the appetizer salads or the branzino fantastic with just how refreshing that is.

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The Ink Factory is an independent studio with global reach, founded by Stephen and Simon Cornwell.

Something about the grapes mimicking a classic French dish, which was the purpose of it.

Something about a rich dish and having a refreshing cocktail.” Cocktail: Amaro, cold brew coffee, amaretto, walnut liqueur, nut brown ale Pairs with: All the desserts“The Amaro cocktail is the perfect after-dinner drink.

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