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Marketing through Google Adwords brought in over an additional MILLION clicks.

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The parent company that was interested, was purchasing up a bunch of Social Networking Resource & Entertainment sites… I also heard that this company screwed many of their “partners” on payments owed from their buyouts. I’ve never been one to look for attention, or brag. Why didn’t you post your resource site in your original post? Over the years I have adjusted to every market change there has been.

The intention of posting my check was not to impress anyone, but to stress to everyone the possibilities before you. The main reason why I didn’t like my resource site in my original post is because this is a blog, and it’s purpose is to keep people coming back and giving them more. Not only have I released my site information, but also how I promoted the site, my advertisers and actual earnings numbers. I’ve been making money online for over 11 years now, since I was 15… I’ve done freebie sites, permission based email marketing, ran my own ad network along with my own network of entertainment sites. I am now focusing on several other different niche areas and projects. As mentioned before, I’ve been making money online for over a decade now, and have some close friends that advise me on what I should post and what I should not post on my blog. Some have warned me about giving away too much information.

A lot of people were leaving comments, asking what my site was. Was this site one of my biggest and fastest money makers? Aren’t you worried people will copy your site idea now? However, if I didn’t meet up with these people in the past, that took their time to help me along the way, I wouldn’t be where I am today…

They say being copied is one of the highest forms of flattery… There is still plenty of money to be made in this market, but it’s also plenty saturated! I only wish to do the same for you and all of my blog readers.

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It contains information that some (female readers) might find disrespectful.

However, when you are seeing results, you just want to keep making your project bigger and better! My myspace resource site is still running and still turning a decent amount of profit each month.

The traffic is lower than it used to be, but that’s expected.

Meanwhile the site still receives several thousands of visits per day, while also earning several thousands a month.

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