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But, the assumption of Trinitarian theology is that God always acts as one when engaging the created order.

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The word we hear in Genesis 1 is this: In the beginning, as God began creating things, the universe was a formless void, and the wind of the Spirit blew across the waters.

Then, as God began to speak, things happened, starting with light and then before long the waters parted, earth emerged, and on it went, all in poetic motion.

But, as my homiletics professor, Ian Pitt-Watson, reminded our class (over 30 years ago), while every text has many sermons, so don’t try to preach them all in one sermon.

Keeping this in mind a preacher will want to focus on one of the elements present in the text.

Career: At 3, he was attracted towards martial arts and a year later he began taking martial arts classes properly in the dojo.

Besides martial arts, he began taking interest in acting at age of 7 years.

Whatever facet we choose to focus in on, if we read the text through a Trinitarian lens, as we envision God’s act of creation, we can ask how God as Trinity engages in the act of creation.

The Apostles Creed speaks of God the Father as the “maker of heaven and earth,” and in many revisions of the Trinitarian formula, the first person of the Trinity is often identified as being the Creator.

Bio: He was born in, California, USA whereas he spent most of his childhood in a suburb of Fallbrook based in Northern San Diego County. He was the champion of three world tournaments at the age of 8. Furthermore, he created the record of the youngest performer to carry out performances with Mullins Sideswipe, a traveling group of martial arts.

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