Jlabel not updating

And, simply iterate over chunks to display the content on the JLabel instead of explicitly taking the top value from the list and displaying the same on the JLabel i.e.

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Try the following timer-based approach, it requires no thread magic at all: public class Main edited Sep 7 '13 at answered Sep 7 '13 at Jk1 6,630 9 29 50 Nb you can change the delay of a timer from within the action Performed event, it takes a little extra work ;) – Mad Programmer Sep 7 '13 at | up vote 4 down vote no, you never wait on the EDT: instead put all the logic into the do In Background, and publish the label state To flesh out my comment with a bit of code (could be done in a Timer, but actually I like workers :) static class Label State static class Counter Task extends Swing Worker answered Sep 7 '13 at kleopatra 40.3k 14 62 122 1, I liked this idea, though why not simply use set Text("") instead of hiding and showing JLabel again and again :-) – n Ic E c Ow Sep 7 '13 at yup.Text blank will work nicely as well :-) – Abhishek Choudhary Sep 7 '13 at Recommend:java - JTable not updating from a Swing Worker thread import screen.

When I have finished selecting which updates I want or do not want, I press on the Apply button and the updates are applied successfully but the JTable does not fully update.

how to make it be displayed with a fixed size even if it's empty (contains no text). An AWT container can only contain Components; an Image Icon isn't a Component.

You do have to use a Component that is able to contain some form of a picture.

If you have multiple threads accessing the same variables, you'll need to use synchronized methods or code blocks (or thread-safe classes like Atomic Integer or Array Blocking Queue). As with most user interface APIs, you can't update the user interface from threads you've created yourself. It's an abstract class and it takes two template parameters, which make it look highly ferocious and puts most people off using it. Let's take a look at some code that just runs a background thread.

Well, as every Java undergraduate knows, you often can, but you shouldn't. For this first example, we won't be using either of the template parameters, so we'll set them both to Void, Java's class equivalent of the primitive void type (with a lower-case 'v').

Kind of any permutation combination , the behaviour should work. So you really doesn't have to revalidate()/repaint() each time.

Oh and you have a race condition between the do In Background and process methods – Mad Programmer Sep 7 '13 at Thanks for the input , so it does mean I need to find a way to wait inside EDT , and that can't be a normal Thread.

up vote 3 down vote favorite I am trying to update JLabel in some expected behaviour like - COND 1 : JLabel should display for 5 seconds , then it should be invisible for next 3 seconds then it should be visible for 5 second and so on. Second regarding race condition , I expected with the flow avoiding any race , can you provide a little hint.

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