Leonard whiting and olivia hussey dating

Zeffirelli saw the play, asked Olivia to be his Juliet and made her a star almost overnight.

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It overwhelmed me, so I just ran away from it the first chance I got."She might have spent years hiding at her mother's little house in Wimbledon, but she was lured away from this safe retreat by a young American who had fallen in love with her screen image and tracked her down.

He was Dean Paul Martin, the son of the famous crooner.

It's easy to see why Zeffirelli would think his Juliet could also play Mary.

But it took the veteran Hollywood director William Riead to see Teresa in Olivia, and to hire special-effects wizard Kevin Haney to do the elaborate make-up.

I couldn't wait to get out of the spotlight."So I went home and hibernated for more than a year. She doesn't mind looking backwards, and the more she talks about her past, the more animated she becomes.

In her youth, she was a bit of a wild child with a weakness for good-looking young men - including her co-star in Romeo and Juliet, Leonard Whiting, with whom she had a passionate fling - and a desperate desire for some paternal guidance."Zeffirelli was like a father to me, and that was a great help.

They know her, not as Juliet, but as the Virgin Mary in her other big Zeffirelli production, Jesus of Nazareth.

Indeed, it is said to be one of the Pope's favourite films.

What I can't see is the dour Mother Teresa."I've wanted to play her for 20 years," Hussey says, in a soft but determined tone.

"I'm a very spiritual person and admire her deeply.

Before she died, I asked for her blessing to portray her and she gave it.

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