Lisa raye and al sharpton dating

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Imagine Chadwick AND MBJ hitting ya phone trying to win your affection wooooo she won — THE HOOD ORACLE (@MADBLACKTHOT) February 20, 2018 That part in the Lupita & Chadwick interview when she told him her birthday is March 1st and he was like “really?

He may be known as the trouble-making brother Terrence on VH1’s “Single Ladies”, but in real life Harold House Moore is a lover of charity and all things fashion.

Smiling, he admits, “I’ll wear everything from a Rolex to a Diesel watch. As soon as you walk in my closet you will see five racks of shoes, five racks high.

People are like, ‘Man, where’d you get all these shoes from?

The post-Pusha T taunted rapper was spotted this week leaving a restaurant with an EXTREMELY copiously curved lady…

#Drake was spotted out with someone in Toronto 👀 They were photographed leaving a restaurant together around 2am 👀 But who knows 🤷🏽‍♀️?

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