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Joining Brown from Turner Sports is Tom Sahara, EVP, technology.Among newcomers to the production, Janis Murray is running the main game camera, taking over for George Graffeo, who had manned the position for 30 years.

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The snow is so deep in some places a few of the piste signs on the side of the slopes are becoming partially buried, and in Canillo yesterday, a hole had to be dug around one of the Mont Magic statues so that she didn’t become buried in the snow! The coverage on the pistes is looking pretty good thanks to the snowfall we’ve been having recently, but the consistency of the snow is a little wet and heavy at the moment, so it doesn’t quite have the powdery consistency that we dream of.

However, the snow is still nice and soft, and the pistes are well painted in our favourite colour of the season: white.

The rolling hills are great fun to ride, particularly as some of them can be quite steep, but the piste is nice and wide so you can get lots of turns in and control your speed well.

For those of you who have been to Soldeu before, the Serrat Pinos run is essentially a steeper, longer version of the blue Gall de , Os and Duc runs which come down from the TSD6 Solana chairlift in Grandvalira Soldeu.

Connectivity between the compound and broadcast centers in New York City and Atlanta allows more editors to churn out content for everything from the telecast to social and digital platforms.

There are also additional facilities being used at CNN’s Los Angeles facility.

In Year 8 of the March Madness partnership between CBS Sports and Turner Sports, operations at the Final Four are running more smoothly than ever.

Camera resources have been advanced, IP infrastructures are at full tilt, and in-compound (and nationwide) file-sharing networks have talent from across the country contributing to the overall production of this year’s championship.

If you’re headed up the mountain then wrap up warm and keep topping up on the suncream!

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