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Now on Tap makes Google Now even more useful than before and is effectively a short cut to performing a web search instead of constantly switching between a search page in Chrome and whatever app you’re using.

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More useful for everyday app juggling are the shortcuts at the top: the search bar and the ‘frequently used’ shortcuts.

The top row of app icons is reserved for your most-used apps.

Our romantic floral lip balm has a light rose-lemon flavor to lift your mood and beautiful butters to protect your pout.

Formulated with nourishing shea and cupuaçu butters, Rose Lollipop also pays homage to its namesake flower with rose oil and rose water to soothe dry or chapped lips.

If you’re viewing tweets about your favourite band, Now on Tap will give you direct links to the band’s Facebook page and any music videos on You Tube.

It tends to take a second or two to load, and does not always come up with useful results, but it is very impressive when it works.

The clock text is a little thicker than before, and the longer date text below has been capitalised.

Android Marshmallow also allows a user-typed tagline to sit below the date, most likely to be used to read ‘Dennis Publishing’s phone’ or something similarly banal.

There are a few minor changes to Android’s lock screen.

Its layout has not changed, but the font of the clock display has.

Even so, Google Now is even better than it was before.

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