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The means of transformation are varied and include viruses or strange chemicals, magic spells or curses, and sex with a creature/person of the form being transformed to.The transformation is usually non-consensual, with the transformer often becoming confused, scared, or angry as the changes take place, although some transformations are gladly accepted and even chosen by the individual.

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Template: Fansite The TF community does not seem to have a specific name for its members; often the generic "TF fan" is used, however this term is also applied to people who have a non-sexual interest in Transformation fiction.

The internet community consists mainly of webpages featuring artwork or stories dealing with transformations, although there is no distinct barrier between fetish and non-fetish material.

A typical Age Regression story features an adult, usually one in an esteemed position or one with many resposibilities (such as a high position in a corporation or a parent of young children) encountering a situation that causes him or her to become younger.

Typical causes include all manner of magic and pseudo-science, though a variety of fictitious medical conditions have also been concocted by writers.

This transfer can be caused by several methods: the most plausible is surgical removal of each subject's brain, followed by surgical transplantation of each brain into the other subject's cranium.

(This would involve the separation and re-connection of thousands of nerve endings, and the successful healing of the neurons! Wodehouse's 1936 novel Laughing Gas, a man and a boy are simultaneously anaesthetised in two adjacent rooms with the same experimental anaesthetic.) More contrived methods include the use of some sort of mind-transfer machine, or magic. When they regain consciousness, each is occupying the other's body.The transfer is reversed when the two of them suffer a violent collision.Authors and artists usually direct their interest into one or more subgenres.Age regression and Age progression, often shortened to AR and AP respectively, are a subgenre of Transformation Fetish wherein the participant's bodily age is increased or decreased.In other cases the person after being possessed has a different outfit, height, etc.

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