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Anyway, the tenderloined Swede left home for California in 1988 at the age of just 17.

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Cameron’s maternal grandfather was William Marion Early (the son of John Winchester Early and Chloe Kendall Allen). John was the son of William Robin Early and Emma Rozella Fusselman.

Chloe was the daughter of Charles Marion Allen and Catherine Delcina/Della Babb.

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Cameron’s mother has English, Scottish, Irish, and German ancestry.

Speaking of which: apart from Pamela Anderson, has the meatball had any celebrity girlfriends?

Then it can only have been lippy lovelies Olinda Borggren and Natacha Peyre. Cameron’s great-grandfather Emilio was a Cuban emigrant, from Havana.Joaquina was also a Cuban emigrant, and was the daughter of a man surnamed Cabranes, and of a Venezuelan emigrant, Antonia Cádiz Sánchez, who was of Spanish descent. A picture taken at the time depicts a carefree young washboard skating along the promenade wearing nothing but pink shorts and matching bandana. After working for a while as a dogsitter and a nanny, Schenkenberg was spotted by a fashion photographer while out rollerskating on Venice Beach. But of course, a veritable cornucopia of them in fact. Cameron’s paternal grandfather was Emilio Cadiz Diaz Jr. “El Gato” Díaz and Joaquina “Queenie” Cabranes Cádiz).

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