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Those houses were built in 1887-1915 and are designated as historic, there are also newer housing built within the last 5 years for officers. PX is small but “shopable.” Rumors are a new store will be built in a few years. Commissary is medium size but carries most everything you need. What you can’t find on post you can find in the surrounding area. No on-post library – there is a partnership with Sierra Vista where resources were combined for a wonderful library.

Fort Huachuca is a historic post and has an Old Post section where the senior officers live. MWR hosts wrestling, comedy clubs, Chess/Bunco/trivia tournaments, All Army boxing, musical groups, Missoula Children’s Theater, Carnivals, Rodeos, Volksmarch, they partner with the community and there is always something going on.

Temperature does drop at night, as much as 20’s degrees when the sun goes down. Illegal aliens coming across the border – especially the drug runners. Huachuca Community Thrift Shop, FMWR Fort Huachuca, Huachuca Hospitality House (The Hospitality House is a place for soldiers and their families to get away from post and relax, explore God, play games, eat good food, and have fun! You are at a high elevation and in the desert so you will need to drink more water than normal.

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Your Name (if you would like it to appear): Seasoned Army Spouse Post Name: Fort Huachuca, Arizona Post Location: Southern Arizona, 1 hour south of Tucson, located outside the towns of Sierra Vista and Huachuca City. Sierra Vista has a Target, Wal-Mart (a super Wal-Mart will be opening in the fall), Marshalls, Tuesday Morning, Ross, a medium size Shopping Mall with Best Buy, Dillards, JC Penny and many stores. Active religious community through Main Post Chapel.

The post is at the base of the Huachuca mountains at the 5,000 ft level. Youth Services just opened up a new building, many sports activities for children.

It may not be deep but can sweep your car off the road.

Arizona has the “Stupid Motorist Law” which is motorists can be held liable for the costs of any emergency response to rescue them.

Outdoor Recreation Center offers lots of stuff for rental and now has tours to local sites. Lots of wildlife on post to observe (some to stay away from – rattlesnakes and mountain lions).

One of the biggest “Bird Watching” areas in the Southwest – over 350 species of birds fly thru the Huachuca mountains. Yes, the Fort Huachuca Community Spouses Club (FHCSC) meets monthly Sep thru May.Small hometown atmosphere in a town of 45,000 people. Temperatures range in the daytime from the 90’s in the summer, to 50’s in the winter.Great relationship between post and local community. We do get snow in the winter a few times but it is usually melted by the afternoon.Tombstone also has a High School (about ½ hour northeast).There are four Charter schools and three private religious schools in Sierra Vista. Post Education Center has classes from Wayland Baptist University, University of Phoenix, Cochise College and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.Bowling Alley (Desert Lanes) is being renovated and will reopen in the fall, they have a good eating place Jeannie’s Diner.

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