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(Read More...) In Economics class, Danny tries his hand at quarters.

(Read More...) In the final montage, Danny is seen walking out of a classroom holding Ethan's hand.

(Read More...) It is revealed that Danny has moved on from Ethan as he is making out with another boyfriend.

(Read More...) Ethan tackles Danny when he is running Cross Country and the two share a kiss.

(Read More...) Danny is excited when Ethan decides to join the lacrosse team in the spring.

Beck once told a New York magazine writer that Scientology is "always the last question journalists ask." And when Danny Masterson, actor, DJ, restaurateur and second-generation Scientologist, appeared on our cover six years ago, the topic of his beliefs was tucked into a single paragraph toward the end of the story.

Reconnecting with Masterson last month, we asked if we could focus in on the religion -- "religious philosophy," as he calls it -- and why it works for him.

(Read More...) Ethan gives Danny a quick touch up before he plays in Ms. The orchestra oddly turns to a violent, angry tone, and Danny blows his trumpet with great force.

After the pianist is killed onstage, Danny stands up in awe, while chaos stirs around him.

He helps Coach Finstock with interrogating her by correcting the his vocabulary.

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