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With a reputation to rebuild and executive producer Quinn King breathing down her neck, Rachel must pull out all the stops in what she does best: manipulating the contestants to create the outrageous drama that viewers expect.

In early-November, Megyn Price, Nathalie Kelley and Johanna Braddy joined the show's cast.

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a single-minded puppetmaster whose chief henchman is Rachel Goldberg ...

a young producer whose task is to cajole, badger and play on the weaknesses of the show's participants to get the footage Quinn demands.

Writers, like all people, just love to play with words.

This is a favorite trick of time-travelers or ambassadors to alien civilizations, who will break out song lyrics whenever they need to say something vaguely intellectual-sounding. This is also a common trait of the Pop-Cultured Badass and the Cloud Cuckoo Lander.

Alternatively, Bob could have been singing, but the fact that the song was mainstream was hidden due to the fact that the song could have been reworked or sounded more appropriate to the character's situation than it actually was.

Either way, the writers have made a joke by subtly slipping a popular song into the events of a show and then revealing it.

Moore noted that, despite the contestants' expectations, "the game is fixed and the matchmaking premise is only a pretext ...

[the contestants] are pawns in the Everlasting chess game, with Quinn, in her video-paneled master control, pronouncing which contestant is the designated villainess, which is the hot one, which ones are boring and should be bounced."Un REAL doesn’t exist just to send up reality television, or to pick at its scabs.

Also has no relationship to a certain Magical Girl.

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